The SAJSS staff loves joining you out in the community for various events, and now we're inviting you to join us in our very own Clubhouse for more engaging activities!

The SAJSS Clubhouse activities will take place in the SAJSS offices located in Suite 210 (2nd Floor) of the Acropolis Building at 13409 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231. We are right down the street from the Jewish Community Center.

If you would like further information or to register for any of these events, please call us at (210) 616-4811.

Join us August 28th at 2:00 PM for our next $2 Tuesday movie, The Frisco Kid. We'll have a light kosher nosh and enjoy each other's company with the show.

Looking for something a little more intellectually and spiritually engaging? Join us as we begin our six-week series from the Jewish Learning Institute, How Happiness Thinks.

(From the JLI Website): Drawing on classical Jewish and mystical teachings, this course will present you with a deeper understanding of yourself, and help you flourish by suggesting practical advice which, when implemented, will radically enhance the happiness quotient of your life.

You'll also learn how the science of positive psychology is now corroborating what Judaism has always known about what makes us happy.

We are excited to partner with Rabbi Teldon, who will be presenting this course at a discounted rate.

Don't forget it's important to exercise the body as well as the mind! Join us for a 6-week chair yoga series with professionals from Yoga Day beginning July 11th at 2:00 PM.

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